In A World Of Grey Lifeless Zombies, It Was Dangerous To Want More


Last Breath ss5

In this surreal, zombie-populated world, one of the last remaining humans struggle to survive in a world where breathing is forbidden.

Simply put, breathing isn’t trendy anymore. He’s a social outcast, dodging the authorities as they clamp down on “breathers”.

It’s whimsical and slightly disturbing dystopian future. On the surface, the film looks expressive, violent and quizzical, but it’s a beautifully made story about surviving in a totalitarian society.

Last Breath ss1

To avoid being discovered, he takes a hallucinogenic pill and escapes into what seems to be an anti-breathing video game!

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Viewer discretion advised: Some scenes in this film are not safe for work.

This was created by Mak Ying-Ping, who is now the director at the UK-based animation studio Beakus.

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