They Hid The Pain For Twelve Years. But God Was Not Far From Them.


Reunion Jack Z Wong ss5 krk

Their attempts at conversation spluttered. Something was holding them back.

Hannah and Joe meet again, twelve years after. He’s here to see Hannah’s sick father, who was the community preacher man.

Reunion Jack Z Wong ss3 krk

Joe was here for a confession, indeed, but it wasn’t about the love he and Hannah could have had.

It was about her father, the Reverend.

Reunion Jack Z Wong ss1 krk

For twelve years, Joe kept his silence, pain and shame about what happened. But God’s love was not far from him, nor from her.

Reunion Jack Z Wong ss4 krk

He wasted no breath.

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Written and directed by Jason Z. Wong starring Jessika Van and Tadamori Yagi. More on the director here.

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