Here’s A Man’s Downfall, Realising Actions Speak Louder Than Words


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Everyone knew what a coward he was, except for himself.

Zhe prided himself for being one of the alpha bullies in school. Led by Wei, they prowl the school grounds and are respected and feared.

But it was all bravado and pretension.

The Coward ss2 krk

They picked on a weaker kid in class, accusing him of stealing. The truth was that Zhe was the thief.

He boldly watched on as the kid gets roughened up mercilessly.

When Zhe was publicly revealed and humiliated to be a fake, Zhe realised there was more than shame at stake.

Here’s how his guilt and conscience slowly consumed him.

Watch ‘The Coward’ 《救命》 by Wu Zi-En 吳季恩 (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

‘The Coward’ was inspired in part by the filmmaker’s real-life guilt, when he walked away after witnessing a woman being roughened up.

Wu’s short film won the top award for screenplay at the 35th Golden Harvest Awards and was declared the best short film at the 15th Taipei Film Festival.

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