Last Day As Irresponsible Kids, First Day Of The Rest Of The Lives


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They’re barely out of their parents grip, anxious to rush headfirst into independence. They can’t wait.

It’s their last day as irresponsible kids. They graduate tomorrow, as adults. Between moments of sobriety, exhilaration, panic, confessions, resentment, Andy, Carl and Patrick mull over their prospects and their fears.

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Patrick, the rich kid, wishes to break free from his family’s legacy.

Carl is well-adjusted but he’s rather complacent when he needs to be a little aggressive. Andy, the school valedictorian, isn’t celebrating her achievements because she knows it’s only because her parents pushed her to be competitive.

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The party of three goes into full swing: they drink, smoke up, mess around.

They are hours away from the graduation ceremony, but Patrick holds them hostage — he forbade any of them to get help as his truck just wouldn’t start.

As dawn breaks, he finally concedes. It was the first day of the rest of their lives, and he reaches out to someone who can help.

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No one transforms from teenager to adulthood overnight. They’re almost there, but they’ll have to wait.

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