No Kid Ever Enjoys ‘The Talk’, But He Had A Real Reason To Fear It



Milo’s dad is livid.

He has just returned from work to discover that their home is being seized in a foreclosure. But there is a darker discovery he has made, one that has made him flip out in a big way.

It’s Milo’s disturbing stash.

Is Milo’s penchant for pornography, depicting extreme acts of violence against women, a sign of something more sinister within the family?


“Maybe they deserve it,” he says unabashedly about the women.

A bitter showdown occurs. One that ends in the streets. One that rips apart the family and lays down the pieces for the whole world to see.

Is Milo the only one who has shown disgraceful behaviour?

Watch ‘Disgrace’ by J. Casey Modderno (USA) on Viddsee:

‘Disgrace’ was the Official Selection at a number of film festivals, including the Montreal World Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival, Shnit International Short Film Festival, Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, New York International Short Film Festival, Miami Short Film Festival and Richmond International Film Festival.

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