His Invention Is Keeping Him Alive, While Giving Life To An Abomination


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He has no time for the red tape and bureaucracy of scientific review boards and ethics committees. He’s diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer, and he only has eight weeks to live. Eight weeks to cure cancer.

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His invention extracts the cancer from his body and stores it in a receptacle. It doesn’t halt the production of more cancer cells in his body, but it has kept him alive past his doctor’s prognosis.

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But the cancer cells continue to spread, faster than he can extract them. Soon, there might be more of him stored in the cancer cell receptacle than what’s left wasting away on his body…

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‘Other’ has won awards at Fear Fete Horror Film Festival, Illinois International Film Festival, Madison Horror Film Festival, and many others. The film was also an official selection at numerous film festivals, including SXSW Film Festival, Fantasia International Film Festival, Telluride Horror Show, and ScreamFest.

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