His Life Was So BORING He Invented A New One. Where He Was A Badass.


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“…I feel like nothing is happening.” Oded told his therapist. She was too polite to tell him the truth. She was just as bored of listening to him as he was of his own life.

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He was a nice guy. But he was confused. He didn’t know if he was in the right profession. His sex life had no spark. He had no excitement, no troubles.

He was right – nothing was happening.

And then one day in the train, a stranger came up to him and whispered in his ears, “You’re psycho.”

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Suddenly, there was purpose in his life. What if his life was boring? He didn’t have to live it. He could live someone else’s.

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And so Oded became the badass with the riveting stories — a fascinating case study for all the female therapists he so carefully chose.

Oded had found meaning and purpose in life again. He had solved his problem… by creating it.

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