His Mum’s Lipstick Was Embarrassing. But It Also Empowered Him.


Last Day ss2 krk

He just wanted to look good, to live by his own definition of beauty.

But the bullies at school are bent on making him feel ugly and embarrassed. They taunted him with hateful remarks and scrawled insults on his clean, white uniform.

Last Day ss3 krk

They know what he’s hiding, and uses his shame it to torment him.

He’s terrified, angry, and hurt, but who can he confide in? He’s too humiliated to even tell his mum.

He endures the abuse alone. The only way he coped was by steering clear of the bullies, to flee whenever they approach.

Last Day ss5 krk

But of course, a mother knows when her son is miserable…

And if she’s not ashamed of him, why should he be?

Last Day ss4 krk

She teaches him the best defence — self-acceptance.

It would be the last day he’ll ever be bullied for being different.

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