His Potential Son-In-Law Seems Perfect. But Is He Too Good To Be True?


Shabu Shabu Spirit ss1 krk

Keito and Sachiko are nervous.

Keito has come to dinner, to meet Sachiko’s parents and seek their blessings for their marriage.

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Shabu Shabu Spirit ss5 krk

Sachiko’s dad is the overprotective dad, who wants to leave no stone unturned when it comes to making sure his daughter’s choice is the right one.

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Over a meal of shabu-shabu, he puts Keito under the microscope. From his manners to his body language. From his food choices to his knowledge of Japanese traditions — everything is under scrutiny.

Shabu Shabu Spirit ss5 krk

Keito passes every little test with flying colours. He’s perfect. Too perfect, in fact.

But the last few questions do him in. All his secrets come tumbling out.

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