His Son Took The Easy Way Out. Now He Has To Deal With Loan Sharks.


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It is the largest recorded rate of suicides in human history — every 12 hours, a farmer in India, unable to pay off his debts, commits suicide. But the suffering doesn’t end there. His death leaves his family vulnerable to loan sharks and countless other forms of exploitation.

Loan sharks and landlords often go after the family members to retrieve their money, by any means possible. The system is flawed and there is no assistance from the authorities. Even the police are in cahoots with the landlords for a cut.

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This is the story of one such farmer who committed suicide. The landlord tries all means possible to get the farmer’s father to hand over his land.

The father, though old and frail, refuses to sign the documents.

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The landlord tries to bribe him, first with sweets, then with the promise of an electric fan.

What happens in the end? This social satire comments on the class divide in India between the privileged few and the many poor.

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