His Toy Is Larger Than His Face. He Doesn’t Even Look Up At Grandpa.


Summer Green Papaya ss4 krk

Ruirui is at his grandpa’s home in the countryside for the day, armed with his iPad. His toy is larger than his face, and he doesn’t even look up at Grandpa.

Keen to jump straight into quality time with his grandson, he tries to ask about Ruirui’s new toy, only to misunderstand the Apple product.

Summer Green Papaya ss2 krk

There’s an obvious digital gap and alienation. Grandpa ends up smoking alone in the courtyard.

When Ruirui is finally ready to put the device away, he runs away again, without even making eye contact with grandpa.

Summer Green Papaya ss5 krk

Rude? Common? Too familiar?

But when they do finally bond, it’s over fruit.

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