He’s Holding On To His Bride, Even After She’s Gone


Nadia SS_05a-krk

Hisham’s in a bind. His beloved wife has taken ill and things are getting progressively worse.

Nadia SS_01-krk

He’s tried everything, but there doesn’t seem to be a cure. In a moment of desperation, he seeks help from his best friend, Jahar.

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Jahar’s a little special. He sees things that other people can’t usually see.

Nadia SS_04a-krk

This time, Jahar sees that his friend has been blinded by love, and that he has trouble letting go.

Nadia SS04a-krk

Watch ‘Nadia’ by Muzzamer Rahman (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

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Based on a short story from the Malaysian publisher Dubook Press.

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