His Wife’s Memories Were Fading. So He Decided To Make New Ones.


I Never Lie SS_04

He knew she loved fish porridge. But not the bones in the fish. She was a spirited woman who loved desserts and wasn’t afraid of adventure. He has loved her for 48 years.

I Never Lie SS_01

But she didn’t know him at all.

Everyday Ah Fa reintroduced himself to his wife. It was an endless cycle but he never tired.

I Never Lie SS_02

She may have dementia but he’s determined to make new memories with her. To protect her from the harsh truth. Yet she surprises him all the time…

Watch ‘I Never Lie (我從不說謊)’ by Chang Kai Xiang on Viddsee:

‘I Never Lie’ was inspired by Kai Xiang’s own experience with his grandmother who also suffered from dementia. Read more about the project here.

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