A Grand Barista Champion Was Made From This Small, Musty Market


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Running a family grocery business in a neighbourhood market was not how Ming Chow envisioned her future.

As long as she could remember, she wanted to get out of her dad’s way, and away from the market’s unpleasant stench.

But she’s not a brat who thinks that the world owes her a better future. She worked hard to get into catering business and saved pennies with odd jobs. She tried to pave her own way, independently of her parents.

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Her dad was not necessarily good with numbers or finances, and the grocery business saw its end. She didn’t know it then, but her dad’s shop & experience at the fishy markets brought her fame, recognition and a career as a renown barista later in life.

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This story is about how Ming Chow ended up wowing a jury of international coffee experts and winning the Grand Barista Championship in Hong Kong.

There was no secret ingredient. Just lots of heart, and love.

Watch ‘The Secret Taste’ 《花椒八角咖啡豆》by Adam Wong 黃修平

‘The Secret Taste’《花椒八角咖啡豆》was based on the true life story of commissioned by the ifva greenlab programme in Hong Kong.

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