Honour Your Dreams. Here’s How The Jail-Breaking Old Boys Did It.


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Ah Meng was the healthiest of them, but he was the first to go. He left them a box full of dreams and memories about their friendship, and their time spent together as army buddies in the National Service.

There was one thing about Ah Meng, and it was that he’s a dreamer. He wanted to sail the world and had it all figured out. However, they never got around to doing it.

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Reflecting on time lost, and with an urgency to seize whatever time remaining, they decide to fulfil their dead friend’s wish.

Once that decision was made, there was no turning back. What follows is chaos — fooling the nurse, stealing a scooter, getting hold of the blueprint, gathering branches to build the boat, and giving up, only to build it with… plastic bottles!

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The years were not kind to them, but neither one of them were deflated.

Here’s how they kept their dreams afloat, to the very end.

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