A Powerful, Mysterious Singaporean Shrine Dedicated To A German Girl Who Died in WW1


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For decades, worshippers from Singapore and Malaysia have been flocking to a shrine in a deserted part of Pulau Ubin in Singapore. They pray for wealth, good luck, peace and harmony.


The deity has features of dolls we’ve grown up with: blue eyes, high cheekbones, a sharp nose bridge. She is called Nadu Kuniang, a Malay-Chinese appropriation of the words ‘Datuk’ and ‘Miss’.

Her identity may remain unknown but the faith her worshippers have in her powers is deep-rooted and undying.

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The offerings made to her include statues with Bible verses, and yet the worship and shrine is Taoist. Who is she, what is her story? And how did she become a deity?

The shrine’s caretaker Ah Cheng speaks to the documentary makers about the shrine’s history and the faith of the believers.

Watch ‘German Girl Shrine’ by Ong Jun Kai, Chia Teng Long, Jasmine Ng, Palani T & Lester Lim (Singapore) on Viddsee:

Curious about Pulau Ubin? Only 38 people live in this island In Singapore. Who are they?

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