How Do You Know If Someone’s Gay? Is There A Point To It?


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How do you know if someone’s gay? By their stride? How they talk? Body language?

Randy suspects that the office heartthrob, Jack, is gay. He entertains thoughts of being with the Adonis, and focuses on traits that could support his suspicions. While Randy is openly gay, not everyone in the office is, which adds to Randy’s curiosity towards Jack.

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Randy’s week changes when he finds the most unusual toy – a Gaydar, a scanning gun that can detect if a person is straight or gay.

The find, starts Randy’s full on mission, on getting to the truth about Jack.

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He plots the perfect time to scan him. But while he is excited about it, not everyone is on board, especially Franklina, after all, if Jack was gay, what would that mean, really?

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Would there be a point? How would it matter?

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Directed by Larry LaFond, starring Terry Ray, Bryan Dattilo, Jennifa Echols, Jim J Bullock and Charles Nelson Reilly.

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