Being Ghosted Can Be A Good Thing. Meet Justice Liu In This Viddsee Originals Series!


There’s no dignity in being the one who’s left behind. There’s lesser pity for someone who has to go through the prolonged torture of being ‘ghosted‘.

This Viddsee Originals series by JD Chua and Jasmine Tay follows Guy (Kasimir Poh) as he goes into a downward spiral after being ghosted by his girlfriend.

Summoned into existence, Justice Liu (Johnny Ng) and other celestials from Chinese classical literature help Guy see that being ghosted is a tale as old as time. And with time as our witness, we can be fools in love, but we can also be all the wiser.

Watch the series Justice Liu – Curse Of The Slow Fader!

Watch ‘Justice Liu – Episode 1: Here Comes The Judge’ by JD Chua & Jasmine Tay (Singapore) on Viddsee:

Stuck in a relationship limbo, Guy curses at a Chinese statue and finds a celestial summoned into existence. He wanted justice; Justice delivered!

Watch ‘Justice Liu – Episode 2: Enters The Swordsman’ by JD Chua & Jasmine Tay (Singapore) on Viddsee:

How does ‘ghosting’ happen? Guy learns that there are pre-ghosting signs, such as ‘slow-fading’. The Wandering Swordsman (Jun Wen Chen) from the Chinese classic explains.

Watch ‘Justice Liu – Episode 3: Before The Ghost, The Slow Fader’ by JD Chua & Jasmine Tay (Singapore) on Viddsee:

How do you know when someone you love has checked out? Guy is in denial. Justice invites another celestial, Zhu Yingtai (Audrey Luo) from the ‘The Butterfly Lovers’ for back up!

Watch ‘Justice Liu – Episode 4: Embrace The Stages’ by JD Chua & Jasmine Tay (Singapore) on Viddsee:

Classical wisdom says that Guy deserves better than ‘Someone Like You’, as popularised by Adele.

A marksman, Hou Yi (Kaydash Cheung) from ‘Chang’e Flies to the Moon’ joins the heartbreak council, and helps Guy sees his own worth.

Watch ‘Justice Liu – Episode 5: Stay Woke’ by JD Chua & Jasmine Tay (Singapore) on Viddsee:

Constant replays haunt the ones who get left behind, and questions of what could have should have would have been.

Justice says, closure doesn’t exist; you owe it to yourself to move on.

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