If Her Husband’s Cheating, It’s Easier To Pretend She’s Blind


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He’s late again. Complaining that the dinner is cold is the last thing she wants to hear.

Lourdes is the perfect wife and mother, and a nurturing figure to her students at school. Her marriage is a picture of bliss, until she recognises that the familiar stories about infidelity were becoming real in her life.

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The women in her circle of friends accept their partners’ infidelity as a part of life, a compromise they wilfully make in exchange for stability in their lives. Or, gifts of expensive jewellery.

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When her worst fears are confirmed, she’ll have to decide if ignorance is truly bliss.

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Or if life, simply, has to go on.

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‘Pretend’ won Best Short Film at the Hawaiian International Film Festival, Outstanding Screenwriting at HATCHFest and Best Screenplay at LMU’s Film Outside the Frame.

More on the filmmaker here.

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