This Husband Puts On A Fake Smile On Every Day For His Wife


Smile SS3 KRK

It’s the same routine every day.

Yu Dong wakes up alone, in a lonely house, gets ready and rehearses in front of the mirror.

Smile SS2 KRK

He rehearses his smile, he rehearses the jokes he’s going to tell, he rehearses the memories he’s going to jog. Just to cheer her up.

His bedridden wife is hospitalised due to stroke and is unable to talk or move.

Smile SS1 KRK

And though he tries hard to be positive, memories of happy days with his wife do come back to haunt him. How long can he hold up the farce? How long can he keep the fake smile on?

Watch ‘Smile’ by Li Jia-Ling (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

‘Smile’ won the Golden Prize at the 2013 Taiwan Microfilm Festival, the Silver Prize at the 2014 TOSHIBA International Film Festival and was nominated in the Best Film category at the 2014 Urban Nomad International Film Festival.

Here’s another short film about smiling, about a father’s dedication and unconditional love for his daughter. Watch ‘For Your Smile’ on Viddsee

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