This Husband Did Something Sneaky. His Excuse Was Because He Truly Cared


The Silent Couple Rewrte SS1

This husband has been acting suspiciously behind his wife’s back, and he’s been found out.

They are a speech-impaired couple, who despite the inability to speak, are able to communicate flawlessly using only expressions and gestures.

The Silent Couple Rewrte SS2

They don’t get into a shouting match, but her anger is obvious.

His true intentions, however, was because he wanted her to have ten minutes to do something very important, for her own sake, and theirs.

If you really care about the woman in your life, maybe you should be sneaky for ten minutes too.

Watch this breast cancer awareness video ‘The Silent Couple’ by Philips India:

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According to the World Health Organization, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide. Each year, there are 1.38 million new cases, and 458,000 deaths as a result of breast cancer.

Early detection remains the key to controlling and effectively treating it.

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