A Husband’s Sexual Dysfunction Wrecks His Ego, Wrecks His Marriage


Stranded SS1 KRK

What defines a functioning marriage?

A husband is forced to face his own demons because he is unable to satisfy his wife.

He lets the dysfunction get in the way of his self esteem, causing him to act out in frustration against his loving wife.

Stranded SS2 KRK

Their cold bedroom causes a rift between them, and they start to stray. Accusations flew, jealousy reared its head, bitter words were said.

This film cuts back and forth between this past emotional turmoil and a present emergency where his wife has been injured in a car accident.

He feels helpless. Is there nothing he can do to save his wife, or his marriage?

Watch ‘Stranded’ by Shyan Tan (Singapore) on Viddsee:

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