In This Zombie Apocalypse, Two Addicts Hunt For Drugs To Stay Alive


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Ben and Zoe are looting and hoarding all the heroin they can find in this zombie apocalypse. In this universe, only heroin addicts are immune to an atmospheric change that plagued the world and its residents.

Everyone else affected are frozen in place like statues and respond violently to sound, and when it rains the zombies fall to the ground, screaming.

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But there are others out there who are hunting them down, and there’s their friends who have gone to search for a drug impound.

They cross the lethal, silent city to find their friends, and they’re cornered more than once.

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He mouthed to her, silently, I love you.

He could die and be torn limb to limb, but at least they had each other, once, in this human form.

Dregs ss3 krk.jpg

So would she.

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