If Your Mum Is The Grim Reaper, Chances Are That Death Can Wait


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Morty’s mum is the Grim Reaper, and the Grim Reaper is a busy woman, because the cycle of life and death is a constant.

He wished mum would spend more time with him. There’s an app for that, he said, upselling a computerised system that can blip-out a life with a simple tap.

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But that disrespects the system, the process, the human, and the life, mum said. She’s been in this business long enough. She would rather end a life humanely, and not in haste.

Realising that the quality of his relationship with mum depended on mere mortals, death could wait.

Mortys ss2 krk

Or, if she’s hasty, he could end the occurrence of death with a blip. There’s no way he was waiting for eternity.

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Directed by Gaelle Lebegue, Mathieu Vidal, Aurelien Ronceray-Peslin and Nicolas Villeneuve. More on the team their work here.

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