If You’ve Ever Had A Crush On A Teacher, Watch This!


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“Reveal Pretend Love” – that’s what Miss Purdy wrote on the blackboard that day.

Ardal took the lead from that lesson, two of those words in any case. He confessed his affections for Miss Purdy and presented her with a ring. She humours him and Ardal fantasises that he will marry her some day.

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But when he finds out she’s got another man in her life — an unworthy, cocky, condescending and crass man — Ardal gets upset and serious about how he’s been wronged.

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At eight years old, all love is real love, there’s no pretend love. This was a serious matter.

Ardal challenged her boyfriend to a duel. It wasn’t an empty threat, and he wasn’t joking.

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Ardal would bring a grown man to his knees.

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‘The Crush’ was nominated for an Academy Award. More on the director here.

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