The Best Summer Adventure For These Kids Was The Joy Of Friendships


Down By The Creek SS2

Playing and imagination comes effortlessly for these regular 12 year olds. It’s their life. They skip rocks, skip school, and take nothing quite seriously except for the business of play.

Yun and Xiang find a fellow conspirator in a new girl at school when they recover her stolen schoolbag.

Down By The Creek SS4

Together, they hatch a plan to trail down south along the coastline to the seaside. Their mission is quite simple: save money, get on a bus, cycle down the coast, and then get to the beach.

The enterprising trio make money off their schoolmates, and even organise an arm-wrestling competition.

Their dedication to friendship is exemplary, even when they are stretched to the limits.

Down By The Creek SS6

There’s so much joy in childhood: untucked shirts, kicking tin cans, saving pennies, hatching plans for world domination — even if the world lies at the southern tip of the coast, for now.

Here’s how they got their summertime beachside adventure.

Watch ‘Down By The Creek’ by Hong Dong Ren (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

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It screened at Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and competed at the Golden Harvest Awards & Short Film Festival and Global Chinese Universities Student Film and TV Festival.

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