In This Series, The Real Action Begins When The Superhero Disappears!


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In an epic fight, superheroes Green, Blue, Red and Pink are confronted with a battle they must overcome. When Green rises to the occasion to defeat the villain, he gets sucked into a hole from which he cannot escape.

His partners beat the villain and proceed to searching for him. Little do they know that he’s has found his own savior, a good Samaritan.

Mammoth Man ss1 krk

He helps Green by transporting him on his motorcycle.

But does this seemingly kind soul really have Green’s best interests?

Green picks up on cues which seem odd.

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Mammoth Man ss3 krk

He realises his life may be in danger, and that’s when the real action begins…

Watch ‘Mammoth Man, The Ancient Warrior’ by Sejun HEO (South Korea) on Viddsee:

‘Mammoth Man’ won the Jury Prize at the Busan International Short Film Festival in Korea

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