Indonesia’s Former Student Activists On Youth, Idealism, Love & Life


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Being 20 is great. Love, passion, idealism and activism at 20 is an awesome, heady combination.

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Now 30 years old, the filmmaker Otty Widasari speaks to her friend Bonet and Bonet’s boyfriend, Bambang, about the years they spent together.

In 1998, Bonet’s priority was keeping up appearances — an easy life, an active social life, looking cool. What concerned her was sustaining her lifestyle, finances, and love.

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She was only in the student-led mob storming the Parliament building, not because of the cause, but because she was literally hot on the heels of a romantic quest.

Anecdotes like these about those heady days are interspersed with the mundane of their lives like personal accounting, forming an underground band, stealing food supplies, and the sort of mischief 20-yr olds get into.

Watch ‘Kemarin’ (Yesterday) by Otty Widasari on Viddsee:

‘Kemarin’ is part of the 9808 film anthology that commemorates Indonesia’s student-led protests that led to the end of President Suharto’s 30-year regime.

Watch the 9808 channel on Viddsee or read about how the anthology came about.

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