New Year, New You? Reignite Passions And Motivations With These Short Films


The future is imminent! Was there another time we so anticipated a crossover into a New Year at midnight? Perhaps the closest experience would be Y2K, but replace excitement with feverish anxiety that the world was going to fritz with technology.

For a while now, the year 2020 appeared as a castle in the sky for our vision. It held promise, optimism and hope. Perhaps some of our predictions have not come true, but a new year still holds incredible potential for new beginnings, a clean slate and a chance to do-over.

Here are 3 short films that are bound to motivate all of the above:

Dots’ by CJ Ng

Jian Wen’s dream in life is to pursue basketball, but due to an injury, he’s had to abandon his ambitions. With a heavy heart, he attempts to fool his parents into thinking he’s got a respectable job, while finding other parts of his life to fulfil him.

But, a full stop to a dream is not the end of the story. Jian Wen finds another path that allows him to play basketball again.

Watch ‘Dots’ by CJ Ng on Viddsee now:

Bicycle (Jitensha)‘ by Dean Yamada

Humiliated, unemployed and alone, Mamoru was once a Japanese salaryman with a general apathy towards life. Just as he thought things could not possibly get any worse, parts of his bicycle begin to disappear – starting with the seat.

Finally, the only thing left in his possession is the bicycle’s lonely bell… and Mamoru receives an envelope containing all the addresses at which all the parts of the bicycle can be retrieved. He embarks on a journey to piece his bicycle together. As he seeks out each piece of the missing whole, he begins to find himself in his own healing process – reassembling his bicycle and slowly putting himself back together.

Watch ‘Bicycle (Jitensha)’ by Dean Yamada on Viddsee now:

The Pool Man‘ by Kaidi Zhan

An awkward, self-abased overweight boy and a washed-up national swimmer strike an unlikely friendship – starting with the former learning to swim from the latter. What will their friendship teach each other about finding purpose in their life?

Watch ‘The Pool Man’ by Kadi Zhan on Viddsee now:

Happy New Year from all of us at Viddsee!

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