Inspiring, Gut-wrenching Ecstasy; All In The Name Of Love


This collection explores the ecstatic highs and despairing lows that come in the name of love. If love is a journey, and not a destination, these tales of the enduring heart will serve as inspiration.


Day by day, she watches as her husband leaves her. As he continues to fade, she gifted him one last sweet memory. Watch ‘That Kind Of Love Story’ by Tsuyoshi Takamura (Japan)


His girlfriend has always wanted to get under his skin, so to make her happy, he peeled back his layers. It leaves a bloody stain on their relationship. Watch ‘He Took His Skin Off For Me’ by Ben Aston (United Kingdom)


She’s a Muslim who is willing to convert, but he is a Christian who thinks it’s unfair that she has to give up her faith. Watch ‘Loving A Tombstone’ by Dmaz Brodjonegoro (Indonesia)


This gay teacher thought he found love when one of his male students came out. Instead, he learns a lesson about loving with courage and heart. Watch ‘Quite Ordinary’ by Masaki Takahashi (Japan)


She’s in Taiwan, he’s in Japan. One hour apart, one Valentine’s short. For three years, they longed and loved each other, but change was in the air. Watch ‘Valentine’s Distance’ by Rex Takeshi Chen (Taiwan/Japan)


A young couple fights and make up while hiding evidence of their cohabitation from her parents. Watch ‘Among The Separations’ by Lin Po-Yu (Taiwan)


After two years of marriage, a young wife feels neglected by her husband. Little does she know, his long nights are all for her. Watch ‘The Ruby Ring’ by Lee Yat Fung (Hong Kong)

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