The Same Thing That Gave Her Grief, Gave Her New Joy


Auntie Noor’s family celebrates Nadia’s birthday and she gives her a present, a top she made from fabric she designed herself.


But it’s not what Nadia usually wears and she gives it back to her mother to be sold at the store, leaving Noor feeling slightly down.


She then hangs it up at the front of her store in hopes that someone would take notice of it.
The fabric is met with interest by some influential personalities.


Auntie Noor is sent to places she doesn’t normally frequent to deliver her fabric to her new clients.


Meanwhile, at home, Nadia is running her pet project of making a short film and finds that Auntie Noor’s paintings don’t match the scene she is trying to set up.


Noor’s dream is to be respected for her creative work. Is she able to find what she is looking for?

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