There’s A Terror Threat In This Virtual Universe. A Shutdown Is Imminent.


Intoxicant SS5

If you’ve ever left a forum because there was just too much drama, you’d love this short film, ‘Intoxicant’.

An infiltration and shutdown is rumoured to happen when new user creates an account and logs in to a forum.

This new threat is from the group Toxic.

Intoxicant SS1

Everyone is on guard.

There’s temporary peace, until someone instigates an uproar. The universe sort of falls apart as the admins sniff out the infiltration.

True to the universe of forums it is populated with characters we can all identify with: the super troll, the self-righteous comments, the fashion blogger, and general rabble rousers.

Intoxicant SS2

Human nature in the virtual world is played out as in real life. Six members are under investigation, but the threat is carried out.

The mystery unravels itself as true identities are revealed on the forum.

Watch ‘Intoxicant’ by John Hsu 徐漢強 (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

‘Intoxicant’ travelled to film festivals in six countries, including the International Film Festival in Rotterdam.

It won Outstanding Film at the Golden Harvest Award, Best Short at the Sydney International Fantastic Film Festival, and the Grand Award at the IFVA New Force in Hong Kong.

John’s fascination with virtual reality led him to a TV feature on online gamers and a World of Warcraft machinima production company. ‘Intoxicant’ is his third virtual-reality related film.

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