A New Teacher Gets Schooled By Her Students In This Short Film


Invigilator SS1 KRK

A young trainee teacher loses control in her class, and is at the verge of calling the quits.

This wasn’t what she bargained for, and it crushed all her ideals of what education should be.

Invigilator SS3 KRK

Another teacher reaches out to help her out, showing her the ropes of how to get around the daunting school system, delinquent students and how to make the subtlest compromise on their ideals.

Little did she know that she was being played.

Invigilator SS2 KRK

This film is at once a light-hearted clash of pedagogical perspectives and at the same time an echo of societies’ frustrations with the inadequacies of available education systems.

Watch ‘The Invigilator’ by Manesh Nesaratnam (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

‘The Invigilator’ was screened at the Fukuoka International Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival, Australian Malaysian Film Festival, Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia Pacific, Dawnbreakers International Film Festival and London Asian Film Festival.

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