Is It Dementia? Or Forgetfulness?



One day, you realise your mother has forgotten how to tell the time. There have been other things you noticed lately, so you add this seemingly mundane change to the list of things that naturally happen to elderly people.


She has been unable to keep track of your visits to her. She left her keys in the rice cooker yesterday. She couldn’t tell if she had breakfast today, and other once familiar tasks are now beyond her. You shrugged it off, and put it down to her old age.


What some people don’t realise is they could be dealing with dementia. The facts about dementia are:

• Dementia is not a type of forgetfulness
• It is not part of ‘natural’ aging.
• It doesn’t only affect the elderly, although it is more likely to affect those above 60 years of age


Dementia is a condition that affects the brain, and has recognisable symptoms.


Identifying and treating the symptoms of dementia early are helpful for its management, which can slow down the progression of the condition.

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