Is There Truth In The Saying “Lend Your Money And Lose A Friend”?


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There’s a saying, “Lend your money and lose a friend.” Is it true?

Sheng-Zhong is a simple man in a foreign land. A land where ties of kinship are often the only support system. He works in a factory to make ends meet. Money is tight, but he’s trying to save.

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When a girl from his hometown has an unexpected pregnancy and needs money, she turns to Sheng-Zhong. Without hesitation, he loans her the money. The money that he himself so desperately needed. After all, if he were in trouble, she’d step in to help him, right?

She promises to return the money. He promises to keep her secret.

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Time passes and he musters the courage to ask for his money back.

She promises to pray for him to find the kind of peace she has found.

Here’s his lesson on the value of giving, kindness, faith and trust.

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