It’s A Dark & Stormy Night. A Lonely Mouse – Food – Was At His Door.


Owl & Mouse SS_02

A little mouse stands on the grumpy owl’s doorstep asking for refuge.

“Would it be okay if I waited here until it stops raining?”

“Yeah, you can stay on the porch.”

Owl and Mouse SS_08

A reclusive loner, he certainly wasn’t going to roll out the welcome wagon for the stranger. And he just wants his piano-playing peace.

But against his natural judgement, he softens and allows the polite mouse to come into his home.

Owl & Mouse SS_04

He can’t help but fret about how the mouse will destroy his home and his life. But there’s a bigger problem at hand. He’s a natural predator who’s low on meat and feeling rather peckish… it’s a dilemma.

Turns out when he let the little mouse into his home, it was just the start of something bigger.

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