It’s A Time Of Political Unrest. But This Little Boy Has A Bigger Problem: Math.


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It is a time of unrest.

There is great political and social turmoil in the tribal heartland of Jharkhand, India. The government has waged a war against Maoists. Paramilitary forces have arrived. There is chaos and destruction everywhere. Men are disappearing.

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Oblivious to all these problems is 8-year-old Munnu.

His problem? Math.

His mother is exasperated at his lack of concentration and disregard for his studies.

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His father has threatened him that if he doesn’t learn the multiplication table for 13, he’d be tied to a tree overnight.

Munnu finally learns the table and eagerly waits to recite it for his father.

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Is it too late?

And is it time for Munnu to give up all his mischievous ways and get serious?

Watch ‘Pahada’ by Niranjan Kumar Kujur (India) on Viddsee:

Director Niranjan Kujur said that he hoped to depict the lives of villagers caught in the crossfire between Naxalites and paramilitary forces in Jharkhand, and the impact on the area’s socio-political situation.

‘Pahada’ was featured at the International Film Festival of India, SAARC Film Festival Sri Lanka, Imagine India Film Festival, Binisaya International Film Festival and at the Patna International Film Festival.

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