It’s Hard To End A Relationship, Especially When It’s Not Of This World


Her hard work has paid off. Ann, a struggling artist, has finally been accepted to London for a solo exhibition.

The secret to her success lies in her apartment in the form of a trapped little girl. Molly is an otherworldly muse, the reason behind her new style, and it’s been a friendly, almost loving relationship thus far.

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Stay With Me SS_06

But when you both need each other to survive, plans like London simply just won’t do. Ann finally learns the true price of Molly’s help.

It’s too late to learn that nothing in this world, or the afterworld, ever comes for free.

Watch ‘Stay With Me’ (畫靈) by Kenny Gan (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

‘Stay With Me’ is the final instalment of this year’s 3 Doors of Horrors anthology by Doghouse73 Pictures. Don’t miss out on the first instalment, ‘1,2,3’, about a game of tag with the supernatural, or the second instalment, ‘Phyu Phyu‘, about a security guard who guides the lost spirit of a Rohingya girl home.

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