It’s Hard To Let Go – Kenny Gan On His Horror Flick ‘Stay With Me’


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We are attached to success and failure, and that comes with a price. For Ann, the protagonist in this short film Stay With Me, it was her dependency to a young female spirit by the name of Molly that helped raise the bar in producing artwork for an international audience.

There’s a comfort and familiarity in a co-dependent relationship, but there’s a lot unsaid in expectations, willingness and compounded debts unpaid. The horror, as director Kenny Gan describes it, is when a trusted and faithful person abandons you. In Ann’s case, she turned on Molly, and thus Molly turned on her.

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Ann and Molly’s bond and co-dependency is dramatised in a literal fusion of their arms, an act inspired by the popular Japanese manga, Dragonball.

As emotions escalate, one tries to put an end to the other, and the situation gets out of hand.

Watch ‘Stay With Me’ (畫靈) by Kenny Gan (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

The team had under RM10,000 and two days to put this together. The biggest challenge for Kenny came down to the bond between two actresses — not in the literal sense, but for the effect on-set. This was crucial in delivering an impactful separation on-screen, “It wasn’t easy to direct a kid (child actress Hazel Xin Yi) to bond with a stranger.”

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Does the artist find freedom in the end given the after credit scene? Kenny will only hint that both artist and ghost are free and not free at the same time and that more of the story will be expanded in a planned feature.

Kenny’s short film is part of this year’s 3 Door Of Horrors,

‘Stay With Me’
Director: Kenny Gan
Producer: Edward Lim
Executive Producer: James Lee
Cast: Koe Yeet, Hazel Xin Yi, Mike Chua, Azman Hassan

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