This Orphan Will Do Everything It Takes To Make Mum’s Day


At the end of the candlewick SS1
His mother has passed on, but this little boy believes that she is still right next to him, in spirit. It’s her birthday, and he wants to make their meal a memorable one.

The boy goes in search of fire to light up his candle. But everytime he tries to walk back with a lit candle, the fire extinguishes. His morale takes another blow when he accidentally drops the candle.

At the end of the candlewick SS2

Eventually, he finds a lit candle and brings it back cautiously, shielding the flame with his body. However, when he returns, a chilling truth awaits.

Watch ‘At the Tip of the Candlewick’ by Brianne Carlo Amparado (The Philippines) on Viddsee:

Brianne’s film was a finalist at the 2014 CineKabalen Kapampangan Film Festival’s Short Film Competition in The Philippines.

Here’s another realistic take on child poverty. Watch ‘Curian’ by Eysham Ali (Singapore), a story of young father and his seven-year-old son struggling to provide for themselves.

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