It’s One Of The Most Dangerous Jobs To Have. A Taxi Driver Tells All.


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Late-night taxi rides can be scary. For the taxi driver too. He’s seen it all: ladies of the night, being mugged, being shortchanged, being treated like a motel.

This taxi driver tells all, to a lone passenger who climbed in who was friendly enough to chat with. He gives her advice on travelling safely at night. He regales her about strange characters, encounters, and the perils of always carrying cash while driving around.


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The job’s what it is, and he’s sticking to it because of the bills he has to pay.

Their reputation is also at the mercy of the media, especially in how they are painted with a broad brush. Reports of women being robbed and raped by a taxi driver are making the rounds, so now all taxi drivers are under the scanner.

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Taxi drivers are faceless, anonymous. They are forgettable.

Like the other taxi drivers in town, he, too, has become a victim. But not for long.

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