His Ex Dumped Him, So He Recreated Her By Paying For Companionship


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When a warm body isn’t just a warm body, it may cost more than $50 from a seedy street, even on a slow night.

He’s going through the motions after a break up: sitting in bed, in the dark, feeling sorry for himself. He eventually drives off to hire someone to fill in that space that used to be his ex-girlfriend.

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He’s paying for companionship. It begins at $50, and goes up. For someone to pop pimples on your back and pretend to enjoy it, that could be real love, or close to love – at $60. And it all adds up.

His companion is delivering, consistently. But a few nights and $800 later, he learns that he can’t fast-track a heartbreak. He’d just have to let things fall apart and stop resisting.

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He’s none the wiser, but now he can at least let himself let go.

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Viewer discretion: Contains mild profanity, may induce catharsis.

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