It’s The Freakiest Halloween Terror Ever. In Real-Time, On-Screen!


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Who’s that standing behind you?

As Alison berates her best friend on Skype, about bringing strange men home, she spies a figure standing behind her. Jenna brushes it off at first, but eventually goes off-screen to investigate it.

Skypemare ss3 krk

Jenna doesn’t return on-screen. And when she does, it’s in bits and pieces. The terror continues unfolding in real-time, over Skype.

She dials up emergency services, and accidentally hangs up in panic. Even after dialling in again, she’ll realise that those butterfingers and clumsiness would be fatal.

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Directed by John Fitzpatrick, starring Cerina Vincent, Annika Marks, Ryan Dillon & Adam J. Yeend. ‘Skypemare’ was the Audience Favourite at Screemfest Horror Film Festival and won Best Horror at Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film Festival.

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