Spotlight: Singaporean Filmmaker Jacky Lee on ‘In Transit’


Jacky Lee is an award-winning filmmaker with a signature edge and urban aesthetic, daring viewers to embark on an adventure and discovery. Music is a big feature in his film experience. He aims especially to bring recognition to local musicians and has collaborated with notable Singapore musicians such as The Pinholes, Charlie Lim, Sobs, Shigga Shay and many more.

His vision and craft have led him to work with the likes of Gucci, Puma, Facebook, VICE in China. His latest work was with Viddsee in collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

Under the Passion Made Possible campaign, Jacky directed ‘In Transit’ (featuring indie music by the dream pop trio Sobs), from an insider angle, to tell a story that’s authentic and local, for travellers who enjoy making meaningful connections through music and entertainment.

Get the scoop on that in this Q&A with him below!

1. How did you come up with the creative concept behind In Transit?
We wanted to tell a story that would showcase Singapore’s nightlife so it could not be too complicated or confusing. Additionally, we also wanted to include as many different types of nightspots as possible.


2. Singapore has so many fantastic night spots, how did you decide on the places you wanted to shoot and why?
I had a list of nightspots that I thought would best showcase the vast variety of experiences Singapore has to offer. I specifically wanted to feature Canvas and HQ because of the people running them. Canvas (previously Home Club, a popular alternative music club) holds many memories and HQ is probably the best club in Singapore at the moment. Zouk is also high on the list of places to feature because it is pretty much the face of Singapore’s nightlife scene. I personally frequent all these three places!


3. In Transit’s colours were contrasted brilliantly against the night. Tell us more about the technicalities of shooting at night and the challenges you faced!
Our main challenge was making sure we didn’t disrupt the businesses too much. We shot a lot of scenes while the establishments were in operation and had to keep our footprint small and shoot efficiently. We even shot certain scenes with just a mobile phone and ran the footage through an app.

With that, a camera that was great for shooting in low light plus portable in size was a must (since we were running around a lot)! The camera also needed to provide the best image quality for post-production enhancement.

4. Pertinent to the above, how important is the filming tool to the post-production process?
A higher-end camera usually gives you more possibilities in post-production, but it is not a must to shoot with the most expensive gear you can get. It is a combination of many different factors like time, budget, space, crew size, the scene that you are trying to capture, the people that you are capturing, the lighting condition, the deliverables, etc. That being said, it is crucial to know what you want to capture and which camera you want to capture it with and how you would go about it.

5. What are your top 5 go-to nightlife spots?
Zouk, HQ, Overeasy, Intermission Bar, Canvas.

6. Can you tell us more about your upcoming projects?
I’m writing a short film and have no idea when I’ll finish. All I can say is that it’s pretty different from what I usually write about, so this is new territory for me.

7. Could share some words of advice for budding storytellers?
Get into the habit of writing even if you don’t end up making it into a film. Your phone is your best tool. Whenever you have an idea, type it into your phone.


8. And finally..does Melissa fall in love with Clarence in the end?
That you will have to ask her but I am pretty sure she fell in love with Singapore by the end of the film!


To view more of Jacky Lee’s films, head on to his film page on!

This post is made in partnership with Singapore – Passion Made Possible.

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