This Japanese Lady Has A Dirty Little Secret. A Dark, Dirty Secret.


Made SS3 KRK

She’s definitely not made of ribbons, laces, sugar and everything nice.

It’s a regular morning at the Tokyo penthouse where Minako and her boyfriend live. They both get ready for work and leave.

But Minako has a dirty little secret.

Made SS1 KRK

She’s not really the office-goer she poses to be. She is going to work for sure, but her work is not at a desk in an office. Instead, it’s in one of the maid bars in Akihabara’s infamous entertainment district.

She’s in her element. She scores a Caucasian man at the table, and they do the deed.

Made SS2 KRK

But when she gets home she realises that this same client is her boyfriend’s friend. He knows her secret and threatens to blow her cover.

Minako fixes this inconvenience that has emerged in her carefully orchestrated double-life.

Like so.

Watch ‘Made’ by Norbert Schoerner (Japan) on Viddsee:

This intriguing film was at the Cannes Short Film Corner, East End Film Festival, London Independent Film Festival and Tokyo Independent Film Festival.

Liked it? Click here for the director’s statement, and here for more on the movie and behind the scenes shots!

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