The Cheating Duo Hid In Darkness, But Someone Was Still Watching Them.


Real-Sniper-SS6 KRK

Don’t blink when you watch this.

A couple’s late night indiscretion has not gone unnoticed. A busy-body self-styled vigilante otaku is irked by their inconsiderate late-night visits. He’s been watching them going on with their illicit affairs, from his window.

Real Sniper SS1 GIF1

The woman gets almost gets outed, but luck was on her side.

It culminates into a massive shootout: the otaku, her SWAT-trained sniper boyfriend, and a horde of policemen.

Pay attention when justice is about to be served. Like we said, don’t blink.

Watch ‘Real Sniper (狙擊手)’ by Cheng Wei Hao 程偉豪 (Taiwan):

Viewer advisory: Contains violence and depictions of illegal drug use

‘Real Sniper (狙擊手)’ was awarded at the Golden Horse Film Festival, Golden Harvest Awards, and the Taipei Film Festival in Taiwan, and the Southern Film Festival in China.

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