A Jeepney-Hijack Victim Gets Poetic Justice In A Harrowing Ordeal


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The carjackers had guns. His weapon? Persistence, survival instincts. He kept on walking.

This guy got carjacked in a routine drive to the city. He’s left with hands in his head, and nothing else — no money, no phone.

His grief is compounded with more obstacles as he tries to navigate his way back to the city. Drivers on this stretch of road were hostile and armed.

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But there was no way he would live at the mercy of fate.

He picked himself up, kept on walking. Then, fate rewarded him with a poetic justice.

Watch ‘Harang’ (‘The Barriers’) by Mikhail Red on Viddsee:

‘Harang’ won Best Screenplay at the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival and the Grand Prize at the Seoul International Youth Film Festival.

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