What Joann Nicolette Wong Wants You To Know About Social Influencers


On set with Joann Nicolette Wong and Caryn Cheng (Tori)

In telling the story of ‘The Victim’, Joann Nicolette Wong found herself relating to the lead character of Tori Leong. The final episode of ‘Queen Of Hearts’ reveals the toll cyberbullying takes on the social media influencer.

Joann shared more on this and tackling the Viddsee Originals series in our chat below.

Q1. How was the collaborative process of making this film for you?
It was refreshing for me as this is the first time that I’m working alongside other directors as well as a show-runner.

It was fun to get to know the other directors and catch a glimpse of how they work via meetings. When deciding on the shots that we wanted or how we wanted certain things to play out, it was important to remember that we’re part of a greater production. So, it was nice to have JD Chua (the show-runner) to advise us in accordance to his vision for the series.

On set with Joann and JD Chua (right)

It was definitely very rewarding to see how the episodes flowed together, while also encapsulating the style of each director.

Q2. In telling Tori’s story, what’s something you wanted to get across?
We often see social media influencers as just a pretty face, or just a persona online. Sometimes we think we get to know someone purely based on what we see online, their posts and what they choose to show to the rest of the world.

In telling Tori’s story, I wanted to challenge people to delve beyond facades and remember that people may not always be what they seem. It’s definitely compelling to explore the deepest, most concealed parts of a person.

A scene from ‘The Victim’

Q3. What are your thoughts on mobile filmmaking?
It was truly very novel and intriguing to me. It’s amazing to think that being able to shoot on mobile gives many the accessibility to produce new, fresh content.

I was watching “Three Minutes” by Peter Chan. That was a short film that was captured on an iPhone X. It’s surprising what such a small medium was able to achieve. So when the chance arose to be able to direct an episode on an iPhone, I jumped at the opportunity to give it a shot!

On set with the team behind Queen Of Hearts, ‘The Victim’

Q4. What do you hope for viewers to take away from this series?
With the introduction of many social media platforms, how we relate to people has changed greatly. There is a lot of talk about such social media influencers and sometimes they aren’t seen as actual human beings.

It has become easier to hide behind usernames and speak one’s mind without consequences. I saw this series as being able to shed light on the matter and how beyond thinking before we speak, we should also think before we post.

Q5. What’s next for you?
I’m still at university. But I am looking forward to continuing to hone my craft by working on projects of different genres and mediums soon!

Watch ‘Queen Of Hearts: Ep 5 – The Victim’ by Joann Nicolette Wong and JD Chua (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘Queen Of Hearts’ is a new Viddsee Originals web-series about cyberbullying, filmed entirely using the iPhone. Created by showrunner JD Chua, he worked in collaboration with other Viddsee filmmakers namely – Alistair Quak, Benjamin Low, Tang Wanxin, Rifyal Giffari and Joann Nicolette. Watch the full series here.

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