A preschooler got a taste of death at a HDB flat. His name is John Clang.


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Growing up in a public housing flat, a young pre-school kid found his legs dangling above a balcony 12 floors up.

That kid was John Clang, and this was his first experience of death.

It all sounds a bit morbid, but the precocious young man grew up realising what brought meaning to mortality, life and death: the journey. He brought that perspective into his career and lens of being a photographer.

John Clang is a celebrated NY-based photographer [website] whose work we’ve seen on the viral Internet. Above is a portrait series he created for Skype, called “Stay Together” [series here].

In this documentary, Kirsten Tan interviews John about his life philosophy, his fascination with strangers, what inspires him, the exploration of space and time and an insight to some of his most popular photo series.

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John was born in Singapore as Ang Choon Leng. He moved to New York in the 90s. He is considered a visionary who pushes the medium of photography to critical and popular acclaim.

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We also get a glimpse of him an excellent studio session for New York Times editorial! Very cool stuff.

Watch ‘John Clang’ by Kirsten Tan on Viddsee:

The filmmaker Kirsten Tan is one of Singapore’s most accomplished young filmmakers. Her work was screened in over 40 film festivals and has received 10 over international awards.

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