Her Journey To Work Is Fraught With Distress, Discomfort & Ogling


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“But no one is getting hurt” is not the point.

Every step of her journey to work, she has to endure the stares of men – the security guard, her co-worker, a cab driver, and other strangers.

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For each incident of ogling, she feels like a part of her shirt is being ripped, and every bit of her personal freedom violated.

But there’s no harm in just looking, right?

Not unless you’re the target. For women – especially women who face a constant danger of sexual violence in their country – leering and gawking can cause as much emotional trauma.

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You think it’s the last straw when she finally tells the cheeky cab driver to “Stop!”

But she encounters yet another silent attack. If it’s possible to undress with one’s eyes, this woman surely feels stripped.

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